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Gift of the Magi Mini Smokers



Beautifully carved German mini smokers represent the three Magi that visited the Christ child bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Each includes box of 24 mini incense cones.

Story of the German Smoker:
These charming German smokers or ‘smoking men’ have a deep history.  Centuries ago, superstition made many Germans believe that evil spirits were present on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and the Feast of the Epiphany. Incense was burned to ward off the evil spirits and bring blessings on those who lived there. As years passed, folk-artists brought about new ways of burning incense, creating smokers, also known as “Rauchermann”. Their geographic origin is in the Erzgebirge Mountains where mining gold and other minerals was the main source of income for the people of the villages. As the gold and minerals became scarce, many of the miners turned to wood carving as a trade. As they produced beautiful wood ornaments and smokers in the likeness of the people who lived and worked in the villages, t the popularity of the smoker soared.

Burning incense also has a close connection to religion and royalty. Incense was one of the gifts that the Magi brought to Christ and has since represented a gift of honor to kings and emperors.

Includes Box of 24 Mini Incense Cones
Dimensions: 4"
Material: Wood

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