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Nutcracker King

Christian Ulbricht


Beautiful Nutcracker King with natural wood finish.  Made in Germany by Christian Ulbricht.

Dimensions: 15.75"H x 5.5"W x 4.25"D
Material: Wood

About the Company:
     The Erzgebirge, also known as The Ore Mountains, is in eastern Germany. The rich silver ore deposits not only gave the Ore Mountains their name but also provided an income for generations of miners, like the ancestors of the Ulbricht family. However, when the formerly prosperous mining industry began to dwindle, people living in the area had to find new sources of income. Many of them became wood-carvers and wood-turners and entrepreneurs, eventually.
     In 1928 in the heart of the Ore Mountains, Christian Ulbricht‘s father, Otto, founded the workshop for fine wooden crafts and toys“ in the small town Seiffen, Germany. His success was built on entrepreneurial skills and a remarkable inventiveness. 
     After World War II, Otto Ulbricht and his family were forced to flee to West Germany. It was in the village of Lauingen on the Danube River in Bavaria, that he re-established his Company, and eventually handed over the management to his son Christian Ulbricht in 1968. After Germany was reunited in 1990, Christian Ulbricht bought back his father‘s original company in Seiffen.
     With a lot of passion and diligence the family and their team create traditional wooden art that brings joy to grown-ups and children alike. And in every single piece the spirit of Christmas is alive.

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