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Sarda Ewe over Lamb

Colin's Creatures


This is a protective pose that ewes and lambs often strike when seen in the field.  But it doesn't take the inquisitive lambs long to venture out.

All Colin's Creatures are handcrafted in the artist's Asheville, NC studio using porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur from Steiff-Schulte in Germany.

Approximately 5.5"

Breed Description:
The Sarda is primarily used to produce sheep milk for distinctive cheeses such as Pecorino Sardo, but also has a long, coarse white wool that is prized for weaving carpets and other goods. Ewes are polled, and rams are occasionally horned.

From the artist...
   "My handcrafted creatures are made from a unique combination of materials including porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur, all chosen for their quality and ability to imitate the characteristics of each animal. From developing and making my own porcelain to hand-forming every mold, all of Colin's Creatures are labor intensive – but it's a true labor of love.
   Each figure begins with thorough research of the breed. I often travel across the globe to visit heritage farms, attend agricultural shows, and meet with breeders dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of ancient breeds of livestock.
   Once I feel that I have an understanding of an animal and its specific traits and personality, the first step of the artistic process is to carve the heads, legs, horns and other parts that will eventually be cast in porcelain. I use porcelain for its ability to capture the expressive nature of my wooly creatures.
   The next step is to create the body out of hydrostone, which I use for its stability and great weight in the hand (a 6" sheep weighs one pound). When the creature is formed, I finish it with high-quality imported fur – and the result is a life-like creature with personality and charm.”

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